Brad Pitt,

First of all: congratulations on your 50th birthday on December 18th. We’ve taken the liberty to write you because we want you to save your life. You might not know it, but from the age of 50 you have a real risk for colon cancer. The good news is that it is very easy to save yourself from colon cancer, with a simple test you can do yourself, at home.

We’ve included a test in this letter. It’s very simple to do it in your bathroom. When you have done it, please tell the world about it and save thousands of lives. Just like your wife did.

  • Some numbers you should know about colon cancer:

  • In 2008, colorectal cancer killed 610.000 people, worldwide.

  • That’s even more than breast cancer (460.000)

  • Once you’ve passed the age of 50, there’s a 1/20 chance you’ll get colon cancer

  • It takes about 10 years for colon cancer to grow in your body

  • If detected early, there is a 95% cure rate

Many of those lives could have been saved. The test costs as little as 5 or 15 dollar! But in Belgium, as in many other countries, hardly anyone knows about it. Which is why the number of deaths is higher than that due to breast cancer. Together we can change this, we are sure about that!

We need your help Brad. We’re giving you the opportunity to save yourself, by telling you about colon cancer and the test. By asking you to set an example for people all over the world. Do the test. Be as inspiring as your wife and write your letter to the New York Times. You have the power to save thousands of lives.

We wish you and Angelina a long, happy and healthy life, together with your wonderful children. We hope you’ll support our fight against this silent killer.

By sharing knowledge, we can save lives!


Dr. Luc Colemont
co-founder Stop Colon Cancer Foundation

Latest News

February 1, 2014

The full story in 3 minutes.

A lot has happened since we wrote these letters to Brad Pitt. We've made a 3min video compilation of the story. You'll see how many, many people help us reach Brad and shared this story. We want to thank you all. Enjoy the video. 


What we did

The letter you can read above is addressed to Brad Pitt. THE Brad Pitt, you know, from the movies. We’ve sent him this letter plus a simple test that can detect early colon cancer. Since he turned 50, he has a 1 in 20 chance he gets it! To maximize our chances of reaching him, we’ve sent the letter 10 times, to his closest connections.

10 letters. 10 tests. 1 message: Dear Brad, take the test. Save yourself. Write a letter to the New York Times about it and save thousands of others.

Why? Because too many people die of colon cancer every year. Because it’s one of the hardest cancers to cure. Because too few people know it’s also the easiest cancer to prevent, just by doing a small test. Our goal is simple: save lives.

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About the test

This little test Brad Pitt is about to do is kind of a shitty job, we know. But, even those jobs have to be done, especially when it can save your live. We made it quite simple, so you too will know exactly what to do when time comes. Want to do the test? Order one at your local pharmacy.

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See how it works

About Stop Colon Cancer

Stop Colon Cancer (Stop Darmkanker) is a Belgian non-profit organisation dedicated to inform people about colon cancer.
Too many people die of colon cancer each year, and many of these lives can be saved. Up to 10 years before any other sign of illness colon cancer can be detected with a simple test anyone can do at home.

Stop Colon Cancer believes that sharing knowledge about the disease and this test will help to save thousands of lives. Next to that, Stop Colon Cancer is a platform where patients and their family can find support, comfort and understanding. Follow on Twitter Like us on Facebook