The full story in 3 minutes.

February 1, 2014

A lot has happened since we wrote these letters to Brad Pitt. We’ve made a 3min video compilation of the story. You’ll see how many, many people help us reach Brad and shared this story. We want to thank you all. Enjoy the video. 

It’s confirmed: our letter WILL reach him.

January 8, 2014

Jan Hautekiet, a host at national Radio 1, and his team had a great idea: why don’t we try to call Brad Pitt, to ask if he got the letter? And so they did. Of course they didn’t get any further than the assistant of the assistant of the manager’s manager (or so), but they did confirm: they will send the letter to Brad Pitt. They also mentioned he might be in Australia, where Angelina is directing a movie now, and that he wont respond before half of februari.

Well, that’s a deal Brad. We’re waiting.

You can hear the radio show here, in Flemish.


January 7, 2014

That is exactly how we feel now. This Thunderclap has been one hell of a ride. A reach of almost 1200000 people. 1.2 million! Thanks to a lot of celebrities, journalists, social media gurus and even Italian football stars! Thank you all for your support. But the question remains: will he answer? Will Brad Pitt answer our letter? 

Well, no matter what, this campaign has been a huge succes. We have reached and informed so many people already. So many people are showing their support to fight this disease. And that is great. Thank you so much.

So now… We’re looking forward to hear from you, Brad.  

This is not over yet.

December 22, 2013

Allthough we were amazed by the exposure we already had with our letter, this action is not over yet. We really want to reach him. So we are preparing a second strike, with a platform called Thunderclap. It’s pretty simple: support our campaign on Thunderclap in order to post this message on social media, all at the exact same moment. Like that, there will be no escape, hopefully not even for Brad. Join our Thunderclap here!

Wow. Just wow.

December 18, 2013

Today was a great day. An amazing day. Our letter to Brad Pitt spread like wildfire on the web. It was picked up by all national media with posts on De Redactie, De Standaard, Het Laatste Nieuws, De Morgen, etc. Great. Thanks everybody for sharing our story, but please don’t let it end here. We really want to reach him, and spread this message to the whole world. So keep sharing! 

UPDATE: We can add the 7 o’clock VTM NEWS to that list! Even more wow!

UPDATE UPDATED: here’s the link to the news